Mistake 18 – Restrictions and Limitations – Your Pain Level | Hudson Long Term Disability Attorney

If you have filed a claim for long-term disability benefits you can be assured that the long-term disability carrier will be asking lots of questions!

If your physical condition causes pain that interferes with your ability to work, your long-term disability carrier will be particularly interested in asking questions about your pain. These questions will include:

1.  What is your current level of pain on a pain scale of 1 to 10?

2. Does your pain level vary?

3.  Do you have good days and bad days? How often?

4.  Where do you experience pain?

Some physicians will have their patients complete at each visit a pain diagram that will also ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10.  If you fill out those forms for your doctor, get a copy of every form you filled out before you complete the long-term disability questionnaire. You want to make sure that what you’ve told your physician at each visit is consistent with what you’re reporting to the long-term disability carrier.

If the long-term disability carrier doesn’t define the pain scale, ask them how they define before you answer those questions.

Make sure that your explanations about where you have your pain is also consistent with what you’ve reported to your doctor.

To avoid making a crucial mistake in completing the Activity of Daily Living form for your long-term disability carrier, consider consulting with an experienced ERISA disability Attorney, like Nancy Cavey. Long-term disability/ERISA disability carriers love to jump all over inconsistencies and use them as a basis of denying your client. Protect yourself!

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Mistake 17 – Restrictions and Limitations – Hygiene | St. Petersburg Long Term Disability Lawyer

Does the long-term disability/ERISA insurance company really care how many times you take a shower or get dressed every day? Of course not!

They ask you questions about your hygiene, not because they care, but to see whether your reported activity is inconsistent with what you’re telling your doctor about your abilities.  A long-term disability/ERISA disability insurance company will ask you the following questions:

*  Do you need help dressing? How often?

*  How long does it take you to get dressed?

*  Do you need help showering?

*  How long does it take you shower?

*  Do you shower every day?

*  Who helps you?

*  What time do you fall asleep?

*  What time do you get up?

*  Have you made any accommodations to your house because of your illness?

If your disability hasn’t resulted in any impact on your hygiene, simply say so. However, if you have difficulty bending, stooping, twisting questions about your hygiene may be relevant. You may need help putting on your socks or shoes if you have a back injury. You may have trouble getting in and out of the shower if you had a stroke.

Don’t be afraid to detail the problems were having with dressing, showering, sleeping, or accommodations you’ve had to make to your home. I would suggest that you advise your treating physician, in writing, all those problems, so they’re documented in your file. That way, there won’t be any inconsistencies between what your doctors records provide and what you are telling the long-term disability/ERISA disability carrier.

It’s important that the Activities of Daily Living form you complete in support of your long-term disability claim be consistent with your medical records. Nancy Cavey, an experienced ERISA long-term disability attorney, strongly recommends that you get a complete copy of your medical records from your treating physician before submitting your claim and supplementing your medical records with information about your Activities of Daily Living so there aren’t inconsistencies that the long-term disability/ERISA disability insurance company can seize on to deny your claim.

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