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UNUM Fourth Quarter 2008 Earnings and Florida Long Term Disability Claims Litigation Clearwater Tampa St. petersburg ERISA Disability Attorney

On February 4, 2009 there was a call with UNUM executives and a number of bank executives about UNUM’s  Fourth Quarter 2008 eanings.

There is a transcript of the call and page 12 of the 22 page transcript from Tom Watjen, President and CEO of UNUM, talks about the disability claims litigation. Watjen claims that UNUM has “worked hard to restore their reputation” and that “all of our people are very intent of being sure we take the actions to be sure that we won’t let those issues of the past… back in the business. And I fee very good about that.”

Sorry, but many UNUM long term policy holders and Cavey and Barrett, Florida long term disability lawyers, are finding that UNUM is back to its old tricks in denying valid long term disabillity/ERISA disability claims.

If you or a family member has been denied long term disability compensation benefits by UNUM or any other long term disability carrier, immediately contact Nancy Cavey, long term disability lawyer, so you can timely file an appeal.

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