Give me Five Minutes and I’ll Tell You Why You Should Not Allow Crowe Paradis to Handle Your Long Term Disability Claim

Give me 5 Minutes!Many long term disability policies require that you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. They’ll even make recommendations for Social Security Disability representation. Hartford, for example, will refer you to a company Crowe Paradis for Social Security representation.

You may even get a letter from Crowe-Paradis making it clear that they are not affiliated with Hartford. But they will request what’s called a limited power of attorney that will allow Crowe-Paradis to transfer any past due Social Security Disability benefits you get to Hartford.

You need protect yourself by avoid using companies such as Crowe Paradis or even Allsup that are recommended by long term disability carriers. Why? Often they will try to win your Social Security disability case by arguing you have a psychiatric disability while your long term disability policy LIMITS your LTD benefits for 2 years if you are disabled because of psychiatric problems.  It is in your best interest to secure the services of your private Social Security Disability attorney. You should pick an attorney, who preferably, has experience in handling long term disability benefits and Social Security disability, so that you don’t lose valuable benefits by having the wrong medical condition be the basis of your SSDI claim.  Don’t let companies like Hartford, Crowe Paradis or Allsup compromise your benefits. Contact ERISA | Social Security Disability attorney Nancy Cavey at 727-894-3188