Learn How Easily Carriers Like UNUM Have Denied Mental Illness Claims

UNUM has been the subject of a national lawsuit as a result of it’s claims handlings which is ultimately settled. But unfortunately, UNUM continues to engage in questionable claims handling process.

Ilness Disability Claims

Ilness Disability Claims

Many UNUM policies have a provision that provides that the long term disability claims can be terminated under a mental nervous limitation. Most mental nervous limitations provide that benefits will be paid for two years at which time the benefits will be stopped.

While we understand that policy limitation, what happens if the UNUM policy holder has a herniated disc which causes depression or anxiety. Obviously it’s the physical condition that is causing these difficulties. UNUM has been using the mental nervous limitation to deny the payment of long term disability benefits after the conclusion of the two year mental limitation period. UNUM disability claims denied attorney Nancy Cavey, deplores UNUM use of the mental nervous limitation to deny the payment of disability benefits where UNUM policy holders have physical conditions like herniated discs causing depression or other psychological problems.

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