If You Don’t Protect Your Income Earning Ability By Getting Disability Insurance, You will Hate Yourself Later

What is your most valuable asset? No, it’s not your home or your car! It’s your earning power. What would you and your family do if you could no longer work?

Protecting your income earning ability should be a priority! Yes, a priority. Statistic show that that over 70% of working Americans have no disability coverage and 3 in 10 Americans will become disabled at some pointProtect Your Income Disability before they retire. In addition, 60% of all personal bankruptcy result from the inability to pay for medical expenses or the loss of a job.

Don’t overlook your need for disability insurance. Group disability insurance policies offer 50 to 60 percent of your income. Is that enough to maintain your lifestyle? Probably not. You should also understand that your group insurance benefits may be taxable and that there may be deductions from your disability benefits such as Social Security Disability benefits.

You should consider having group disability insurance coverage wrapped around an individual disability policy or, alternatively, purchasing an individual disability policy. Can it be expensive? Yes, it is, but the cost of the disability policy is just a small price to pay if you are disabled and unable to support your family. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your Social Security Disability benefits will be sufficient to live on if you are unable to work. It takes 16 to 18 months to get a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Can you and your family live on that? I doubt it.

You should contact an individual disability agent to learn more about disability insurance. You can order your no obligation copy of Robbed of Your Peace Mind to learn about what disability terms you don’t want to see in any disability policy.