The Truth About Drug Resistant Hyper-Tension and Your Right to Long Term Disability Benefits

If you are suffering from drug hyper tension has resulted in you being unable to work, you may be entitled to long term disability benefits.

MSN health reports that those who have drug resistant hypertension may benefit from nerve block treatment that can help can your blood pressure back to normal. This study shows that 39% of the patients were able to go their blood pressure back to proper levels. We hope, at Cavey and Barrett, that there will be additional clinical trials to help those that have drug resistant hypertension. Hypertension Long Term Disability

If your physician has told you that you are unable to work as a result of drug resistant hypertension and your long term disability claim has been denied, Nancy Cavey, can help you get the long term disability benefits you rightly deserve, no matter where you live in the United States. Contact ERISA disability attorney today at 7278943188.