Brain Aneurisms and Your Rights to Long Term Disability Benefits

If you purchased a long term disability policy from a private insurer or an employer, you may be entitled to disability benefits if you have been diagnosed with an aneurism. What is an aneurism, I like to think of it as a bulge in a balloon. The bulge exists in the balloon because the balloon is thin along the wall. Much like a balloon, an aneurism is inflated blood flow part in the artery that has been created because of the weakness in the artery wall. Did you know that you can have aneurism in your heart, brain and in your stomach?

Common aneurisms include aneurisms of the heart and major branches of your heart.

A ruptured brain aneurism can result in double vision, speech problems and even cognitive issues. The physical impact of an aneurism can be devastating and an inability to maintain concentration, to speak clearly, to concentrate, to follow instructions may be enough for you to be successful in your long term disability claim.

If you suffered from aneurism of the aorta or a brain aneurism, you should apply for long term disability benefits. Remember however, that your long term disability carrier will not make it easy for you to get the benefits that you paid for. If you suffer from an aneurism that makes it impossible for you to work and you have been denied long term disability benefits, aneurism disability attorney Nancy Cavey will help you cut through the red tape and fight for your benefits no matter where you live in the United States.