Chronic Back Pain and Your Rights to Long Term Disability Benefits

Do you have chronic back pain on a daily basis? Doing the simplest of tasks around the house or at work can be difficult, painful and down right unbearable. Unfortunately, surgery may not relieve your back pain and despite physical therapy, injections and even surgery, you may still have chronic back pain.chronic back pain long term disability

According to the National Institute of Health, Americans spend over $50 billion every year to treat aching, sharp, burning, numbness and tingling back pain. If you have had those symptoms for more than six months, you have chronic back pain.

That chronic back pain can also cause fatigue, sleepiness, anger, anxiety and depression.

If you have chronic back pain and your physician has told you that you are unable to work, and you have purchased a private disability policy or have been provided long term disability coverage with your employer, you should contact a long term disability attorney who can explain to you the long term disability claim’s process and what you need to prove to be entitled to long term disability benefits.  Call Tampa Bay chronic back pain long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey today at 727.894.3188 for your free no obligation consultation.