Can I Get Both Workers’ Compensation and Short and Long Term Disability Benefits?

Well, the real answer is that it depends! Many Short and Long Term Disability policies can provide for both the receipt of both Workers’ Compensation and disability benefits. Others will take a complete reduction of benefits, while others will pay a monthly minimum. How does this work?

To figure the amount of your monthly benefits for Long Term Disability benefits Nancy Cavey, Florida Long Term Disability and Workers Compensation attorney does theCan I have both Workers Comp and Disability Claims? following:

1. Multiply your Long Term Disability basic monthly earnings by the benefit percentage shown in the policy.

2. Take the lesser of the amount: a) determined in step one, b) maximum monthly benefit shown in your policy.

3. Deduct any income benefits, which can include Workers Compensation benefits.

That’s confusing isn’t it?

Real numbers always help:

A $3,000 monthly wage, Long Term Disability benefits 60% or $1,800 per month, Workers Compensation benefits are $1,000 per month, Social Security benefits are $1,000 per month.

After your offset, you would be entitled to a minimum monthly payment which can be anywhere from $50 to $100 per month.

Is that worth pursuing? Yes! Because you potentially are entitled to Long Term Disability benefits.

It is important that you read your Short and Long Term Disability benefits and consult with a lawyer, such as Nancy Cavey, who handles Short and Long Term Disability, Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability claims. She can help you integrate all of these benefits and help you through the minefield of Workers Compensation, Short and Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability benefits.

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