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Okay–so what do your computer skills have to do an Activity of Daily Living Form that the long-term disability/ERISA carrier has sent to you so you can get your long term disability benefits?

Two things! The first really involves what you do with your time. Can you sit at a computer? How long? Is that consistent with what you put on your form about your ability to sit or your need to alternate positions? How much are going to concentrate? And, of course, are you doing any medical research online about your condition?

The long-term disability/ERISA carrier is looking for discrepancies between what you say you can do and what your reported activity is – it’s like saying you can’t drive, but then driving 100 miles to go to Disney World.

Don’t be naive. Long-term disability and ERISA carriers are trolling the Internet looking at social websites to see if you have a posting, how often you post pictures of what your doing. Take them down immediately!

The second reason you’re asked questions about your computer skills have to do with whether or not you’re capable of working. If you can do is sedentary job sitting at a computer your employable and are no longer entitled to disability benefits.

You are going to be asked about your level of computer skills, whether you can do word processing, whether you use e-mail and how frequently you are on the computer.

Be truthful! But be consistent with the answers that you’ve put on the activity of daily living form about your ability to sit, stand, reach, bend, stoop, alternate positions, use of your hands and concentration. The long-term disability/ERISA carrier is looking for inconsistencies.

Questions about your computer skills are really trick questions. I suggest you consult an experienced long-term disability/ERISA attorney like Tampa Bay – based attorney Nancy Cavey as you answer these questions so that you do not jeopardize your long – term disability/ERISA benefits.

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