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If you are claiming long-term disability benefits, I hope you’re not “shopping till you drop.”

The ERISA/long-term disability insurance company will ask you questions on the activities of daily living form about shopping:

*  Are you able to go shopping?

*  Grocery store? Mall? Wal-Mart type store?

*  How long do you shop at one time? Do you take breaks? How long are your breaks?

*  Do you visit more than one store in a single shopping trip?

*  Do you have to break up your shopping trips into multiple short errands?

There are no absolute answers. A long term disability applicant will probably have good days and bad days that will depend on the nature of their disabling condition, side effects of medication, and their activity level. Give your answers to these kinds of questions in a range.

You may be able to go shopping but have to use a shopping cart for support. You may have to stop and sit down. You may have to break up your trip. Your shopping may depend on how much walking is involved.  On a good day, you might be able to visit more than one store to pay for it the next day with increased pain. You might start out with a good day, and then pain or fatigue will strike and you have to come home.

We all have to shop and just because you do, doesn’t mean you’re not disabled. You probably don’t have a typical day and in completing your claim for long-term disability/ERISA benefits make sure that comes through in any activity of daily living form you’re asked to complete.

At Cavey and Barrett, we’ve seen, long-term disability carrier’s try to twist what you say about your activities of daily living to deny your claim for long-term disability benefits. Have your Activities of Daily Living Form reviewed by an experienced ERISA disability Attorney like Nancy Cavey, before you submit it to your long-term disability carrier and make a fatal mistake that will destroy your claim for disability benefits.

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