Long Term Disability Mistake 2

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Mistake 2 – Letting the Disability Rats Visit Your House | Brandon Long Term Disability Attorney

You’ve gotten a call from the long-term disability/ERISA adjuster saying they want to do a field visit at your house.

This is not a social call and they are not coming to wish you well.

They, most likely, already have surveillance film of you. They want an opportunity to take your statement about what you can and cannot do. They will ask you about what you do around your house or your yard. They will comment on how nice your house or your yard looks trying to get you to talk about what you do to maintain your residence.

Once they take your statement or have the field visit, they will spring the surveillance on you!

Do you let rats in your house? Of course not! Then don’t let the disability rat visit your house.

I never allow field visits by long-term disability/ERISA adjusters or investigators.

I will only allow statements to be taken at a neutral place, such as a court reporter’s office, or my office.  Please realize that they will put surveillance on you to film you from the time you leave your house to the time you return on the day you are scheduled to give a statement or have a field visit. They may even have surveillance assigned several days before and after your statement or field visit.

You need the assistance of an experienced long-term disability/ERISA attorney, such as Nancy Cavey to prepare you for your statement and field visit so you don’t make crucial mistakes that will jeopardize your long-term disability benefits.

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