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Long-term disability and ERISA insurance companies confuse recreational activities, hobbies, or social activities as the equivalent of working. They think that if you can go on vacation, have a social life, or maintain a hobby you can work. We all know that’s not true!

You will be asked questions on activities of daily living forms about whether you been on vacation, when, how often and, of course, what you did on vacation. In answering these questions you may want to think about how your vacation destination might have changed because of your disability, how you were unable to play with your children on vacation, or limited your activity.

You might have had to make multiple stops if you drove to your vacation destination. Just think about how your vacation has been impacted by your disability when answering this question.

Do you have any hobbies? If your disability has impacted your enjoyment or even ability to do one of your hobbies, explain that impact.

Your disability probably has impacted your social activities or even how often you get together with friends or family. Your disability may have even changed the kind of activity you do or how often you do that activity.

You should fully explain what problems you have, what you can and can’t do, and what problems you have had when you  engage in recreational, hobby or social activity.

You can be assured that if any of your recreational or social activity is outside of your home, a long-term disability/ERISA carrier will consider placing surveillance on you. Be on the lookout! If they have surveillance on you, they will follow-up and want to take a recorded statement. If that happens, you should  talk with an experienced ERISA/Long term disability Attorney like Nancy Cavey before giving any statements that could be used against you in your long-term disability case.

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