Mistake 21 – Work Accommodations | Sarasota County Long Term Disability Lawyer

You might still be working but are disabled. If so, you will be asked about work accommodations you or your employer are making. Are you working from home? Have your hours or days been reduced? Do you change positions or even use special equipment? Are there changes that just can’t be made to help you work? Do you have good days and bad days? Are your good days predictable? Can you sustain activity or do you have to pace yourself — stop or start when you can’t go on?

Does your pain interfere with work? Does pain cause problem with concentration or do you have side effects of medication? Explain how this interferes with work and how your employer can or can’t accommodate you.

Explain this in your Activity of Daily Living form so your long term disability/ERISA carrier understands what ability you have, if any to work, and what accommodations are needed to help you work.

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