Long Term Disability Mistake 6

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Mistake 6 – Restrictions and Limitations | Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer

One of the key reasons your continuing disability statement will be taken is to compare what you have said on your activities of daily living forms with surveillance film that has been taken of you.

The long-term disability investigator will ask you questions about what you can and cannot do. If you haven’t fully explain what you can and cannot do, there may be a “gotcha”.

The long-term disability investigator will have you sign a statement attesting to your physical abilities. Once you sign that form, they pull out the surveillance CD, pop it into their computer, and confront you with the alleged discrepancy between what you said you can do and what the film shows.

You have to be prepared! This is not a social visit to see how you’re doing!

I have seen too many cases destroyed for lack of preparation and lack of representation during a continuing disability statement. People simply don’t think they need representation and only learn the hard way once they have destroyed their claim.

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In the next series of posts we will talk about questions you will be asked about walking, standing, lifting, bending, twisting, squatting, kneeling, pushing and pulling, reaching, stairs, balance, use of hands, hearing and speech, vision, reading, concentration, sleep/fatigue, computer skills, driving, sitting, shopping, hygiene and housing accommodations. These topics will exhaust you and show you how much preparation is required for continuing disability statement.

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