CIGNA’s Games with Short and Long Term Disability Claims

At Cavey and Barrett we have seen a disturbing trend where carriers, like CIGNA deny short term disability claims just prior to the policy holder becoming eligible for LTD benefits, why? Carriers, like CIGNA, will never pay long term disability benefits if the short term disability claim is denied. Unfortunately, if your long term disability lawyer files a long term disability claim, the courts will most likely dismiss the claim for “failure to exhaust”.

At Cavey and Barrett, we’ve taken to filing a long term disability claim and, after we receive a denial from a carrier like CIGNA, we then file a law suit seeking the payment of both short term and long term disability benefits.

Carriers, like CIGNA, play the “game of exhaustion” in attempt to exhaust the policyholders from getting the short and long term disability benefits that they paid for.

If your CIGNA short term disability claim has been denied contact short term disability claim denied attorney Nancy Cavey who can help you with your CIGNA claims denial

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One Response to “CIGNA’s Games with Short and Long Term Disability Claims”

  1. Florence Sumler says:

    My husband (PAUL T SUMLER) has been on LTD with Cigna since 1993. I was just informed by them (when I called about the mandatory retirement age) that his LTD is expiring in May, 2012 supposedly because he is turning 65 years of age.

    My question is: Is this true and part of the legal process, OR are they just bluffing him into believing is no longer elible for benefits because he is turning 65?

    I know that just because someone tells you something does not make it necessarily
    true. I think they are just trying to get out of paying him further. He used to work for the NCPPC (National Park & Planning Commission in MD) Concerned & worried!

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