Complaints About UNUM Provident Insurance Company Disability Denials | UNUM Disability denied Lawyer in Florida

At ( has an interesting page about consumer complaints again UNUM Provident insurance company. This website is enough to get your blood boiling.

However, there is good news. If you are a UNUM Provident Insurance disability policyholder or having claims with the UNUM disability insurance claim’s process or have been denied UNUM benefits, contact a UNUM disability denied lawyer in Florida Nancy Cavey.

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2 Responses to “Complaints About UNUM Provident Insurance Company Disability Denials | UNUM Disability denied Lawyer in Florida”

  1. i was awarded 100% s.s.d. i have two surgeons who say i need a three level fusion dr farmer says he can not guarantee if it will work
    dr andrew casden says i should have the surgery but explains that it is a very serious operation he said to exhaust all other things which i have i had 12 epidurals with no relief
    unum says i do not meet their definition of dissabeled but will not tell me what their definition is

  2. Jamie says:

    Hi..On behalf of my mother and thousadns and thousadns of other abused claimants of UNUM..I started a perition a PUBLIC OUTCRY to Amreican Businesses to CANEL UNUM CONTRACTS STOP BUYING FROM THE WORST. Snd in your signatures now on separate piece of paer. Later to be displayed at PUBLIC RALLY. Send donations NOW to Bringthemdown..226 N. Mckenzie Adrian MI. See My website “” Now is the time to fight UNUM. Call to have American Businesses PUBLICALLY CHASTISED UNUM for their years of abuse of claimants. They are WOLVES in sheeps clothing. Nothing but thieves and thugs work there!!JOIN NOW. Spread this now!! Send money now they want to shut us down.Send as MUCH as you can now..This is an URGENT request. We need money to fight. Send name and contact person of your employeer and address. We are sendi g individual letters. We MUST BAN togerther… to stop these CORPORATE BULLIES and THIEVES..EVERYONE JOIN NOW..spread this to everyone you can and anyway..NOW FIGHT UNUM.. HELP BRING THEM DOWN.. sned me letters. STOP BUYING FROM THE WORST…American businesses. They are Thieves adn thugs only stealing all of our money. BUY ONLY from top rated insurnace companies with low consumer complaints. BUT FROM COMPANIES who pay and care about clamants well beings…Jamie..donate NOW EVERONE

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