Conclusion – Preparing for Your Statement and Field Visit | Pasco County Long Term Disability Attorney

As you can see, there are least 22 mistakes that you can make if you don’t prepare for your statement or field visit properly. This is not a social visit and the long-term disability/ERISA carrier is not genuinely interested in you or your health. This is a set up–a trap and can be hard to fix after-the-fact.

Most long-term disability/ERISA applicants think they don’t need help in filling out forms or preparing for field visit by the long-term disability/ERISA adjuster or investigator. They think they can do it themselves –and, in fact, many times long-term disability/ERISA applicants really  “do it to themselves” in the naive belief that they don’t need assistance.

While I hope this series of articles on “Preparing for Your Statement and Field Visit” have been assistance to you; you should strongly consider seeking out advice from experienced long-term disability/ERISA lawyer to help you avoid the minefields that exists when the long-term disability/ERISA carrier wants you to fill out forms, take your statement, or have a field visit.

In the words of one of my children’s favorite TV characters, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson!”

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