Disability Claim’s Denied Video Surveillance | Don’t Let This Happen To You

Claim Denied from Insurance Company SurveillanceVideo surveillance, under the right circumstances can provide an overwhelming reason for the Long Term Disability carrier to deny your Long Term Disability claim. It can also capture a mere snapshot in your life and fail to reveal the complete picture of your disability. Surveillance may show you at a family gathering but not show the resulting excruciating pain and misery you suffer.

If you claim that you have difficulties with walking, bending, carrying, and lifting, you are most certainly going to be the subject of surveillance.

Make sure that what you are recording on your Activities of Daily Living form is consistent with what you are telling your physician.

As I have emphasized in the past, if the Long Term Disability carrier calls to take your statement on the surveillance film on you, you should never give your statement without representation. If you suspect that you have been the subject of surveillance or the Long Term Disability carrier schedules a telephone conference or meeting with you, contact Long Term Disability benefits denied lawyer, Nancy Cavey.

Ms. Cavey, Florida’s Long Term Disability attorney has written the guide Robbed of Your Peace of Mind” in order to help better prepare you for your Long Term Disability claims process. Be sure to get it today before you make a mistake that could caught on tape.

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