FAQ – Are there certain medical conditions excluded from my policy? | St. Petersburg Long Term DIsability Attorney

YES! I am not being flip — you really do need to read your summary plan description and policy.

There may be conditions that are excluded from short-term and/or long term disability coverage. If you have one of those excluded conditions and are disabled, you are, unfortunately, not entitled to disability benefits. You may well be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. But you are not entitled to disability benefits.

There are some conditions, such as soft tissue conditions like strains or sprains or what are considered self-reported conditions, by chronic pain, that are limited to two years of benefits. There may be specific restrictions on disability coverage for conditions like fibromyalgia, herniated discs, or psychiatric problems.

It pays to read your summary plan description and policy before you stop working so you know whether or not you’re disabling condition is covered or whether there are limits on how long disability benefits will be paid. You need to know this information to make crucial employment and disability decisions. What you do can also impact your continuing group insurance benefits. The mistakes can be made by not knowing what medical conditions are excluded or are limited by the terms of your disability policy

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