FAQ – How Does The Disability Carrier Define My Occupation? | Lakeland Long Term Disability Attorney

“I’m disabled! Can’t the long-term disability carrier see that based on my medical records? Why do I care how the disability carrier defines by occupation? This is about my job not my occupation. I just want to be paid my disability benefits!”

I hear those complaints frequently. I have to explain that the second most important definition in your long-term disability policy is how your disability carrier defines “occupation”. Not “job”

It is the standard by which your disability is measured.

And, it might be defined as your regular occupation, your occupation as performed for your employer, your occupation as performed in the regional economy, your occupation as performed in the national economy, or your occupation as defined by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Or, is it the job you are doing while you are disabled but before you stopped working?

If you are going to have your doctor comment on on your ability to work, you are asking the wrong question. Your doctor will need to comment on your physical restrictions and limitations by having the right definition of occupation. You can destroy your claim by having your doctor use the wrong definition of occupation.

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