FAQ: My Claim Has Been Denied, but I Can’t Find the Policy Language, What Should I Do?

There is not a uniform Long Term Disability policy in the United States. Every policy is different. Unfortunately, disability claim’s examiners will deny Long Term Disability claims and use the wrong policy information to justify its denial.

At Cavey and Barrett we always check the Long Term Disability plan against the denial letter.

You should always review your Long Term Disability claim denial letter and compare it against the language that is actually in the policy. Not always that the language quoted in the denial letter about what your policy says is, in fact what your policy really says!

At Cavey and Barrett, your Florida Long Term Disability denied lawyers, we verify if the Long Term Disability administrator has utilized the correct policy language in a claim’s denial.  If you have any questions regarding your Long Term Disability policy language or your claim’s denial, contact Nancy Cavey.

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