FAQ – The LTD/ERISA Appeal Process and 4 Things You Need to Know! | Sarasota Long Term Disability Attorney

The appeals process is the most important step in the long term disability or ERISA case for several reasons:

1. Appeals are generally required before you can file a lawsuit;

2. If you don’t file your appeal timely, you have lost your case.

3. It is your last opportunity to submit material because once suit is filed it is next to impossible to add material regardless of how important it might be.

4. It is your only opportunity to see what the carrier has in your file and for you  to make your  argument  with supporting materials about why the denial is wrong.

This is a complex legal, medical, and vocational process and you should not, regardless of your education or work experience, handle it yourself.

Hiring an experienced long term disability ERISA attorney such as Nancy Cavey will improve your chances of a successful appeal.

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