Four Quick Tips for Making Sure Your Physician’s Medical Records Will Support Your Claim for Long Term Disability

Nancy Cavey, a Pinellas and Hillsborough County long term disability attorney, often finds that medical records can be the key to getting your long term disability benefits. Unfortunately, many long term disability applicants fail to get a copy of their medical records before they file for long term disability benefits and that can be disastorous!Quick Tips for Medical Claims

Nancy Cavey has four quick tips that you should remember in the long term disability claims application process:

  1. Always remind your physician that you are applying for long term disability benefits and that they should provide the long term disability carrier with a copy of your medical records.
  2. Remind your doctor however, that if the long term disability doctor or nurse calls asking questions about your claim, that you are not authorizing your physician to have any phone calls, but, rather, you want all correspondence to be in writing.
  3. You want to make sure that your physician lets you know when they’ve been contacted by the long term disability carrier so that you can make sure that your physicians reports are accurate and fully reflect your symptoms and problems your are having with your ability to function.
  4. Keep a journal about your condition and how it impacts your ability to function. That includes, bending, lifting, stooping and all the activities of daily living. Make sure that you keep a copy and give a copy to your doctor at every visit so that your medical records document how your medical condition impacts your daily functions and your inability to work.


If you have questions about the long term disability claims process, or your claim has been denied, contact Florida long term disability attorney claims denied attorney, Nancy Cavey , for a free consultation by calling us at 727-894-3188 or using the Contact page today.

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