Long Term Disability Question: What Are The Two Kinds of Disability Policies?

What a great question, there are two main kinds of disability policies. One is called “denovo” which means if the Long Term Disability carrier denies your claim, the court gets to review the entire file and make its own independent judge without having to give any deference to the Long Term Disability carrier’s denial decision which is generally made in their own selfish interest.

Obviously, the denovo policy, which is more favorable to you as a Long Term Disability policy, is more expensive and provides greater rights to sue for punitive damages and a jury trial.

The other kind of disability policy is a “discretionary policy.”

Many employers offer Long Term Disability policies to its employees, which, unfortunately, are “discretionary policies”.

Discretionary policies mean that the Long Term Disability carrier can deny your claim and does not have to justify the same in the court of law.

If you have a choice, Nancy Cavey, a Tampa Bay based Long Term Disability attorney recommends that you purchase your own private disability denovo policy.

She has written a free consumer guide Robbed of Your Peace of Mind, which explains the policy terms that you don’t want to see in your Long Term Disability policy.

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