Mistake 11 – Restrictions and Limitations – Pushing and Pulling | Tampa Bay Long Term Disability Attorney

You will be asked questions about your ability to push and pull by the long-term disability carrier. Why? I personally think these kinds of questions are really related to surveillance. What do I mean?

As I’ve explained, the long-term disability carrier compares your answers to what you reported to your physician and what surveillance shows about your activities. You will be asked questions about your ability to push and pull and give examples. You’ll be asked whether pushing or pulling increases your pain level, and how it increases your pain level.

You might say you can’t push or pull, but the long-term disability carrier may have pictures of you pushing a grocery cart without difficulty or pushing a lawnmower. They might even have pictures of you pushing a broom sweeping off your driveway. You can bet they’ll be taking that information back to your physician and asking whether or not you are capable of working.

You do need to tell the truth about your ability to push and pull. However, you need to explain that you attempt to stay within your physician’s restrictions, that you have good days and bad days, but there are days that you can do more than others. Make sure your answers are accurate and complete to these questions.

If you have any questions about how to fill out your long-term disability carrier’s Activities of Daily Living forms, please feel free to consult Nancy Cavey by calling 727.894.3188 or by visting www.caveylaw.com.

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