Paul Revere and UNUM Provident Claim’s Denial Tactics | UNUM Long Term Disability Denied Attorney

UNUM and Paul Revere have been found to have engaged in “conscious course of conduct firmly grounded established company policies that disregard the rights of insured’s,” Hangarter v. Provident Life An Accident Insurance Company, 373f.3d998, 1014 (9th Circuit 2004).

UNUM Long Term Disability Denied LawyerA jury returned a punitive verdict at over $10 million against UNUM Provident and Paul Revere finding that Provident had used round table reviews involving claim’s personnel, medical staff, vocational staff, legal counsel and management personnel. These round table reviews were focused on high indemnity claims, all notes about who participated in the meeting, what was discussed and the basis for any decision were destroyed. UNUM and Provident tried cloak these round table discussion “with the attorney client privilege in order to insulate the claim’s decision basis from review”.

If you are UNUM Provident policyholder and your claim has been denied as a result of a round table review, you should consult Nancy Cavey, UNUM Provident Long Term Disability denied attorney who knows all about UNUM Provident’s tactics to deny the rightful claims of Long Term Disability policyholders. Contact Nancy Cavey Now or call us today at 727-894-3188 to discuss your claim.

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