Picking The Right Long Term Disability Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida

When I was in Junior High School my Father who was co-owner of an insurance brokerage business in Baltimore, became disabled. He filled out his own disability insurance claim form and, every month, would take disability forms to his treating physicians to complete. I remember that my mother worried each month that my father’s treating doctors wouldn’t fill out the form or that the carrier wouldn’t pay the disability benefits.

 While the Long Term Disability carrier did pay my family disability benefits that were due, things have changed since the seventies.

 In today’s world, disabled individuals around the United States need legal representation in the disability claim’s process.

Mistakes can be made in completing your disability application by picking the wrong date of disability or not accurately explaining your disabling conditions. Disability adjusters or nurses will call you noting every word that you say and record statements that will be used against you at a later date.

Long Term Disability carriers will have you fill out activities of daily living forms, not because they are interested in your physical abilities but rather, to compare what you report on those activities of daily living forms to what your doctors report in your medical records. Disability carriers aggressively use surveillance in an effort to track you by showing that you are not telling the truth about your physical activities.

Nancy Cavey can assist you in the disability claim’s application process, teach you how to fill out activities of daily living forms and how to manage a disability claim’s process for maximum success.

Nancy Cavey has a staff of disability claim’s professionals who assist you in the disability claims and denial application process.

With a lifetime of practical experience, as the daughter of a disabled individual, and as a lawyer who has been practicing in the disability field since 1980, Nancy Cavey pursues all aspects of a disability claim and brings it to a resolution at the earliest possible date.

Clients around the United States have relied on Nancy Cavey to assist them in their disability claim. Ms. Cavey prides herself on managing and pursuing each claim on an individual basis and finding the right solution for your case. If you need to talk to Nancy Cavey today, call 727-897-9117 now!

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