Return to Work Guidelines and Your Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits

The Reed Group, third party administrator of Long Term Disability claims, has developed a product called MD Guidelines, which they are marketing to insurers who underwrite and manage disability products. What is it? MD Guidelines allegedly has been developed through statistical analysis of over 2 million disability cases and have allegedly been clinically reviewed by a panel of leading physicians to ensure that their recommendations are “fair, consistent and represent leading edge medical knowledge.” If you take a look at these guidelines, I am sure you will find that a number of these physicians are in fact well known, peer review physicians used in Long Term Disability cases to deny Long Term Disability claims.

Companies like Reed Group are selling and using MD Guidelines as a tool to wrongfully deny Long Term Disability applicants their benefits by pointing to the guidelines as a reason why you should be able to return to work and are no longer disabled.

As well, a lot of these “return to work” durations are based solely on workers’ compensation claims and not Long Term Disability claims. That would make you question the methodology wouldn’t it?

If your Long Term Disability claim is being handled by Reed Group or you think they may be using return to work guidelines in evaluating your claim, contact Reed Group denied Long Term Disability claim attorney Nancy Cavey. Nancy has written the easy to read consumer guide Robbed of Your Peace of Mind: Important Information on Long Term Disability Insurance Policies, The Claims Process, and How to Win Your Long Term Disability Benefits, which sells on for $19.95, but you can receive your free, no obligation, copy at or by calling 727-894-3188.

Protect yourself and understand the games that Long Term Disability carriers and third party administrators like Reed Group will play in your Long Term Disability claim.

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