If You Have Been Diagnosed with Osteomyelitis You Should Immediately Apply for Osteomelitis Short and Long Term Disability Benefits

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone and symptoms include:osteomyelitis Long Term Disability

  • Fever and chills
  • Pain in the area of infection
  • Swelling over the area of the infection

If you have had any of these symptoms, you should immediately see a physician. Nancy Cavey, an osteomyelitis long term disability attorney, often sees cases of osteomyelitis caused by staphylococcus bacteria which is a germ commonly found on the skin or even the nose of healthy individuals.

This bacteria can enter the bone as a result of a severe fracture or puncture wound that gives infections a route to enter into your bone. Additionally, surgery to repair broken bones or even joint replacement surgery can accidentally result in osteomyelitis. If you have been diagnosed with osteomyelitis, you most likely will require surgery to remove parts of the infected bone that have died. You will have strong course of antibiotics which is delivered intravenously over six to eight weeks.

If your claim for short or long term disability benefits as a result of osteomyelitis has been denied, you should contact osteomyelitis long and short term disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, who practices throughout the state of Florida and the United States.

Don’t let your long term disability carrier rob your peace of mind if you have been diagnosed with osteomyelitis and later denied the pain for your short or long term disability benefits.

Long Term Disability Carriers Use Surveillance to Sabotage Your Case

Long Term Disability carriers routinely use video surveillance. Why? They use the surveillance to document what you do during your day, including the activities of daily living, such as running errands, filling up your gas tank, going to the bank.

While this minimal activity doesn’t necessarily establish that you are capable of working, what it can be used for is to sabotage your case. How so?

The Long Term Disability carrier has you complete activities of daily living in which you are to accurately document what you are physically capable of doing. If in that form, or in a statement, you tell the Long Term Disability insurance company that you “always use a cane,” or that you always “limp,” and the surveillance shows you walking without a cane or without a limp, you are in trouble!

While walking without a cane or without a limp doesn’t mean that you can work, it does destroy your credibility.

In the book Robbed of Your Peace of Mind it talks about how to complete Activity of Daily Living forms, I emphasize that you should “never use the word never.” Never use the word “always.” Tell the truth, you have good days and bad days, and there are days that you can do more. Activity level is dependent upon your pain and your medication.

Don’t be the star in a surveillance horror show. Don’t let the pictures of what you are doing in your daily routine contradict what you said to the Long Term Disability carrier and your doctors.

For a free copy of the book Robbed of Your Peace of Mind, and information about your Long Term Disability claim, contact Nancy Cavey, your Long term Disability denied lawyer by phone at 727-894-3188 or at caveylaw.com.

Legal Fraud and Long Term Disability Claims Denials | Florida Long Term Disability Attorney

Unfortunately the ERISA law gives the insurance industry a license to commit fraud. It gives them the means, the motive and the opportunity.

At Cavey and Barrett, we learned first hand that Long Term Disability policyholders are “Robbed of Their Peace of Mind”.

The motive? The ERISA law does not let the court assess the damages against Long Term Disability carriers for any harm they cause when they deny valid Long Term Disability claims. All the judge can do is will them to pay what should have been paid in the first place, and without interest!

The means? There is limited discovery in ERISA litigation that would allow us to question the people who made the decision to wrongfully deny your benefits.

There is discovery allowable in the 11th Circuit that will help Nancy Cavey, an ERISA denied benefits lawyer, question the Long Term Disability adjuster and others about the claims denial, but that only happens after your claim has been denied on appeal.

The opportunity? As a Long Term Disability policyholder, you know how you sacrifice each month to pay your Long Term Disability premium. Long Term Disability carriers receive hundreds of thousands of dollars of premium every year and quite frankly, they make money off of your premium dollar and the money they hold by denying your claim.

There are many Long Term Disability applicants whose claims are denied and just don’t look for a lawyer, or they find a lawyer who doesn’t know anything about ERISA. Many Long Term Disability denied applicants lose at the end simply because they don’t understand the Long Term Disability claims process.

Florida based Long Term Disability attorney, Nancy Cavey has written consumer guides to assist you in understanding the Long Term Disability claims process. These include Robbed of Your Peace of Mind and The Smart Long Term Disability Consumer Guide for Preparing Your Statement and Field Visit.

How many Long Term Disability carriers have written books explaining the claims process in which they too are involved? None, they are only interested in the means, motive and opportunity to deny you your Long Term Disability benefits.

If your Long Term Disability benefits have been denied, contact Nancy Cavey for assistance. 

Picking The Right Long Term Disability Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida

When I was in Junior High School my Father who was co-owner of an insurance brokerage business in Baltimore, became disabled. He filled out his own disability insurance claim form and, every month, would take disability forms to his treating physicians to complete. I remember that my mother worried each month that my father’s treating doctors wouldn’t fill out the form or that the carrier wouldn’t pay the disability benefits.

 While the Long Term Disability carrier did pay my family disability benefits that were due, things have changed since the seventies.

 In today’s world, disabled individuals around the United States need legal representation in the disability claim’s process.

Mistakes can be made in completing your disability application by picking the wrong date of disability or not accurately explaining your disabling conditions. Disability adjusters or nurses will call you noting every word that you say and record statements that will be used against you at a later date.

Long Term Disability carriers will have you fill out activities of daily living forms, not because they are interested in your physical abilities but rather, to compare what you report on those activities of daily living forms to what your doctors report in your medical records. Disability carriers aggressively use surveillance in an effort to track you by showing that you are not telling the truth about your physical activities.

Nancy Cavey can assist you in the disability claim’s application process, teach you how to fill out activities of daily living forms and how to manage a disability claim’s process for maximum success.

Nancy Cavey has a staff of disability claim’s professionals who assist you in the disability claims and denial application process.

With a lifetime of practical experience, as the daughter of a disabled individual, and as a lawyer who has been practicing in the disability field since 1980, Nancy Cavey pursues all aspects of a disability claim and brings it to a resolution at the earliest possible date.

Clients around the United States have relied on Nancy Cavey to assist them in their disability claim. Ms. Cavey prides herself on managing and pursuing each claim on an individual basis and finding the right solution for your case. If you need to talk to Nancy Cavey today, call 727-897-9117 now!

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