Horror Story in Your Medical Records and How Your Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits May Be Denied

Nancy Cavey, believes that how you interact with your doctors in the disability claims process is key to getting the long term disability benefits you deserve.

Over the years, Nancy Cavey has read many long term disability medical records that just became horror stories. What does she mean? If, for example, you tell a doctor that you are “better” the long term disability carriers can seize on that innocent comment to show in fact that you are precluded. In fact, it’s probably nothing more you minimizing your symptoms when you are interacting with your doctor.

Nancy Cavey has written the go to guide The Smart Long Term Disability Consumer Guide For Preparing for Your Statement and Field Visit that every long term disability applicant should review, before applying for long term disability benefits. Why? You need to learn how to communication effectively with your physician and that includes accurately telling your physician what you symptoms are, what level of physical activity you are doing, and what problems you are having with activities of daily living such as bending, stooping, lifting.

If you tell your physician that you are feeling better, or that you are improving, that statement can be misleading. So misleading that the long term disability carrier will incorrectly interpret your condition as not severe enough to meet the definition of disability in your long term disability policy.

Don’t let your medical records destroy your long term disability claim! For a no obligation copy of The Smart Long Term Disability Consumer Guide For Preparing for Your Statement and Field Visit click here.

Are You Making a Mistake as an Orthopedic Surgeon by Continuing to Work After You Have Become Disabled?

Orthopedic Surgeons and Long Term Disability ClaimsMany long term disability policies have what’s called a residual benefit that will pay you disability benefits if you can’t perform your occupation or continue working. There is always a big fight about these cases because long term disability carriers will pretend that performing certain duties are the same as performing your occupation. They will also argue that performing certain duties means that you are not disabled.

Some courts have suggested that the fact that an orthopedic surgeon can do some business duties or the fact that orthopedic surgeons might be physically able to do certain duties, such as performing minor surgeries, is inconclusive evidence that you are entitled to total disability.

It is important that you understand how your long term disability carrier defines occupation. Surgeon’s duties should not be defined by how may surgeries you have performed before you become disabled.

If you are a orthopedic surgeon who is having difficulty performing surgery as a result of a disabling physical condition you may entitled to residual disability benefits on your long term disability policy. Before you make a crucial mistake in filing a claim for residual benefits, contact and experienced ERISA long term disability and individual long term disability attorney such as Nancy Cavey who can help you understand your policies definition and help you plan a strategy to maximize your entitlement to benefits while continuing to work. Ms. Cavey represents orthopedic physicians throughout the United States.

Your MetLife Long Term Disability Claim and Social Security Benefits | MetLife Disability Benefits Denied Lawyer

Hartford Insurance Company about MetLife Questions and AnswersMetLife has written an interesting article that has some basic overviews of Social Security questions and answers. While the information is helpful, you need to understand that MetLife requires you to apply for Social Security Disability benefits as part of your Long Term Disability claim. While they try to explain the benefits as to why you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they really don’t make is clear that your Long Term Disability benefits will be reduced by MetLife once you’ve received Social Security Disability benefits. They also recommend that you call MetLife to discuss hiring an attorney to represent you in the Social Security Disability case, be sure that they will refer you to an attorney or claims representative that has MetLife’s interests at heart and not yours!

At Cavey and Barrett we believe that you should have a private attorney represent you for your Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability case to make sure that your benefits are properly protected. To schedule a complementry consultation about your Long Term Disability claim, call us at 727-894-3188 today or fill out the form located HERE to be contacted as soon as possible.

Are You the Star in the Long Term Disability Claim’s Denial Movie? Surveillance and Long Term Disability Claims

Long Term Disability carriers routinely hire private investigators to conduct video surveillance of you. More often than not Nancy Cavey, St. Petersburg and Tampa disability insurance lawyer, often will see that the report that the video surveillance doesn’t match the actual footage taken or, in some cases is an actual work of fiction.

If your Long Term Disability claim has been denied as a result of surveillance, you need a Long Term Disability attorney. Nancy Cavey requests a copy of your Long Term Disability claim’s file, including the surveillance and the surveillance report.

Nancy Cavey, Long Term Disability denied expert, watches the video tape and makes the record of all the actual kinds activity and an activity log. There are many things that she sees in the surveillance film that is absolutely ignored by a Long Term Disability carrier.

It is not uncommon for the investigator to ignore what’s shown on the surveillance that actually supports your claim for disability.

Of course, the Long Term Disability claim’s adjuster rarely reviews the surveillance tape and relies on the summary for the claim’s denial.

Nancy Cavey has a strategy for dealing with this and handling Long Term Disability claims that have been denied. She:

1. Reviews the videotape,

2. Compares the videotape with the surveillance long,

3. Creates her own cumulative activity log,

4. If necessary, takes the surveillance tape to your treating physician to have them address what is seen in the videotape as compared to their reports and finding about your physical functioning,

5. Gets an affidavit from you and your family about what you were doing and the difficulties that you have on an ongoing basis,

6. As necessary, has the doctor and a vocational evaluator compare what is shown on the videotape, which when showing it is going to get to gasoline, going to the doctor’s office or running errands, and have that comment on how that activity does not translate into the ability to work.

Let’s face it, activities such as walking a dog, shopping, having lunch, running errands doesn’t mean that you can do that activity on a sustained basis or that that is the equivalent of work or in fact has any relationship to the material duties of your own occupation.

If you’ve been a star in a Long Term Disability horror flick, contact Long Term Disability Denied Lawyer, Nancy Cavey for assistance in filing your Long Term Disability claim.

Has Your Long Term Disability Claim Been Denied When the Carrier Used the Wrong Expert for Your Medical Condition?

Long Term Disability carriers will routinely have a Long Term Disability claim reviewed by a panel of hired gun medical reviewers. We see these same reviewers time and time again.

One of the most common mistakes Long Term disability carriers make is to use the wrong medical expert for the medical condition that is being claimed. Now that sounds dumb doesn’t it?

The Florida federal regulations, which governs ERISA claim’s handling requires that the Long Term Disability carrier consult with a health care professional that has “appropriate training and experience in the field of medicine involved in the medical judgment,” 29 c.f.r. section 2560.503-1 (h)(iii).

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Long Term Disability carrier’s who are evaluating Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue cases to use physicians who have no expertise in those areas.

Nancy Cavey, Florida Long Term Disability Denied lawyer, checks the medical and professional background of any health care professional used by the Long Term Disability carrier in a claim’s denial to ensure that the carrier, in fact, used the right expert for your medical condition.

If you believe that the Long Term Disability carrier has denied your claim by using the wrong expert for your medical condition immediately contact Tampa Bay Long Term Disability Attorney Nancy Cavey.

Picking The Right Long Term Disability Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida

When I was in Junior High School my Father who was co-owner of an insurance brokerage business in Baltimore, became disabled. He filled out his own disability insurance claim form and, every month, would take disability forms to his treating physicians to complete. I remember that my mother worried each month that my father’s treating doctors wouldn’t fill out the form or that the carrier wouldn’t pay the disability benefits.

 While the Long Term Disability carrier did pay my family disability benefits that were due, things have changed since the seventies.

 In today’s world, disabled individuals around the United States need legal representation in the disability claim’s process.

Mistakes can be made in completing your disability application by picking the wrong date of disability or not accurately explaining your disabling conditions. Disability adjusters or nurses will call you noting every word that you say and record statements that will be used against you at a later date.

Long Term Disability carriers will have you fill out activities of daily living forms, not because they are interested in your physical abilities but rather, to compare what you report on those activities of daily living forms to what your doctors report in your medical records. Disability carriers aggressively use surveillance in an effort to track you by showing that you are not telling the truth about your physical activities.

Nancy Cavey can assist you in the disability claim’s application process, teach you how to fill out activities of daily living forms and how to manage a disability claim’s process for maximum success.

Nancy Cavey has a staff of disability claim’s professionals who assist you in the disability claims and denial application process.

With a lifetime of practical experience, as the daughter of a disabled individual, and as a lawyer who has been practicing in the disability field since 1980, Nancy Cavey pursues all aspects of a disability claim and brings it to a resolution at the earliest possible date.

Clients around the United States have relied on Nancy Cavey to assist them in their disability claim. Ms. Cavey prides herself on managing and pursuing each claim on an individual basis and finding the right solution for your case. If you need to talk to Nancy Cavey today, call 727-897-9117 now!

Workers Compensation Benefits and ERISA Long Term Disability Benefits

If you have been involved in a Workers Compensation claim in Florida, you may also be entitled to Long Term Disability benefits if you purchased this policy through your employer.

There is an opportunity to apply for additional compensation benefits.

If you have been involved in a work place accident, Nancy Cavey, experienced Long Term Disability attorney, suggests that you get a copy of your Short Term and Long Term Disability policy. It is crucial to integrate the claims for Short Term Disability and your Workers Compensation benefits. More often than not, employers are self insured for Short Term Disability benefits and it is important that you claim those benefits timely and appeal any denial. If you don’t, then you may not be eligible for Long Term Disability benefits. The interaction of short term, long term and Workers Compensation benefits can be confusing, it is important that you protect your benefits by consulting with a experienced Workers Compensation and disability insurance attorney such as Nancy Cavey, who has practiced Workers’ Compensation law and disability law for over 25 years.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 727-894-3188 or www.caveylaw.com.

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