Learn How Easily Carriers Like UNUM Have Denied Mental Illness Claims

UNUM has been the subject of a national lawsuit as a result of it’s claims handlings which is ultimately settled. But unfortunately, UNUM continues to engage in questionable claims handling process.

Ilness Disability Claims

Ilness Disability Claims

Many UNUM policies have a provision that provides that the long term disability claims can be terminated under a mental nervous limitation. Most mental nervous limitations provide that benefits will be paid for two years at which time the benefits will be stopped.

While we understand that policy limitation, what happens if the UNUM policy holder has a herniated disc which causes depression or anxiety. Obviously it’s the physical condition that is causing these difficulties. UNUM has been using the mental nervous limitation to deny the payment of long term disability benefits after the conclusion of the two year mental limitation period. UNUM disability claims denied attorney Nancy Cavey, deplores UNUM use of the mental nervous limitation to deny the payment of disability benefits where UNUM policy holders have physical conditions like herniated discs causing depression or other psychological problems.

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Complaints About UNUM Provident Insurance Company Disability Denials | UNUM Disability denied Lawyer in Florida

At consumeraffairs.com (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/insurance/unum.html) has an interesting page about consumer complaints again UNUM Provident insurance company. This website is enough to get your blood boiling.

However, there is good news. If you are a UNUM Provident Insurance disability policyholder or having claims with the UNUM disability insurance claim’s process or have been denied UNUM benefits, contact a UNUM disability denied lawyer in Florida Nancy Cavey.

UNUM’s 2008 Third Quarter Profits Come at UNUM LTD Policy Holder’s Expense | Spring Hill Long term Disability ERISA Lawyer

UNUM’s 2008 Third Quarter Profits are in! UNUM reported a “net income of $108.00 million in the third quarter of 2008 compared to a net income of $187.00  million in the third quarter of 2007”. Mr. Thomas R. Watjen, president and CEO, commented in an article that he was “pleased with our operating results and the quality of our balance sheet . . .”

Well, his pleasure at UNUM’s profits is coming at the expense of UNUM LTD Policy Holder’s peace of mind.    UNUM is robbing their long term disability policy holders by denying  valid long term disability claims and offering buyouts of 15% – 35%. UNUM’s profits are, in part, generated out of their long term disability claims handling process.

To learn more about how long term disability insurance companies write policies that rob long-term disability applicants of their peace of mind go to Cavey law.com where you can order Nancy Cavey’s book “Robbed of Your Peace of  Mind”.

In my next blog post, I’ll report on the verdict recently entered by a federal jury in Boston finding that UNUM committed fraud in some long term disability cases by requiring long-term disability applicants to apply for Social Security benefits even though UNUM knew their long-term disability claimants weren’t eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

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