The Dirty Little Secret about Nationwide ERISA Long Term Disabilty

Nancy Cavey, ERISA long term disability claim denied attorney who practices nationwide, is often asked what the disadvantages of a group long term disability policy are.Secrets about ERISA Disability Benefits

In a recent opinion Flag vs. Ali-Med, Inc., 10-10984-WGY (US District Mass 7310), a Massachusetts Federal Judge quoted an article by renowned author, Peter Stris, author of the “ERISA Remedies and Bad Faith”. Mr. Stris’ article on “ERISA Remedies and Bad Faith” quoted a long term disability insurance company executive’s memorandum who explained the dirty secret about ERISA “the advantages of ERISA [for the litigation defendant] are enormous. State law is prempted by federal law. There are no jury trials, there are no compensatory or punitive damages, the leaf is limited to the amount of benefit in question, and claims administrators may receive a deferential standard of review. The economic impact… from having [disability income insurance] polices covered by ERISA would be significant. As an example, [we] identified twelve claims situations where we settled for $7.8 million in the aggregate. If those twelve cases had been covered by ERISA, our reliability would have been between $0 and $.5 million.”

The dirty secret? Your employer will offer you a long term disability policy, that you think provides you with peace of mind, when, in fact, you should take time, investigate and buy your own individual disability insurance policy. Is it going to cost more? You bet!

But aren’t you aren’t you worth? The long term disability insurance executives honesty tells all doesn’t it?

Florida long term disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, hasn’t written the book Robbed of Your Peace of Mind which talks about the insurance company clauses that you don’t want to see in your long term disability policy.

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