Vocational Mistakes Long Term Disability Carriers Use to Deny Your Long Term Disability Benefits | Sarasota Long Term Disability Benefit Lawyer

Long Term Disability carriers will routinely use a vocational assessment to determine your residual functional capacity  and the skills, interests, aptitudes you have so that they can determine whether you are capable of going back to your past work or other work available in the national economy.

One of the many errors that Long Term Disability carrier’s vocational evaluators will use is to cherry pick your doctors report about your physical and mental impairments. They will pick out those restrictions and limitations, which indicate that you are capable of sedentary work.

They will also fail to consider important medical or vocational information. It is not uncommon for Long Term Disability applicants who have cardiac conditions to have problems with stress or Long Term Disability applicants who are suffering from Fibromyalgia to have problems with chronic fatigue and concentration.

Unfortunately Long Term Disability vocational rehabilitation counselors routinely ignore this important information and will render a vocational opinion that you are capable of some form of employment. The result- your claim has been denied or your benefits stopped.

If a Long Term Disability carrier has assigned a vocational rehabilitation provider to evaluate you, or your claim has been denied based off a vocational opinion, you need an experienced Long Term Disability attorney who can help rebut the vocational evaluators opinion. Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas County Long Term Disability denied attorney Nancy Cavey is experienced in developing the proper medical and vocational evidence to rebut the Long Term Disability carrier’s vocational opinion.

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