What is the Present Value of My Long Term Disability Benefits?

I explain present value in several different ways. It can be considered that money today is worth more than the money we get tomorrow. In other words, if you get $10 today and invest it at a percentage for twenty years, it may yield $15.00, if you get $10 in fifteen years it’s still $10.00.

Would you prefer $10 today or $10 in fifteen years?

In evaluating Long Term Disability claims we will look at the total amount of benefits due over the life of the policy and then reduce it to present value. In other words, what is yourLong Term Disability Benefits Value policy worth today as opposed to over the life of your plan?

Another way to look at it is if you have won the $20 million jackpot and you want it now, you’d only get $6 million or you can get the entire $20 million by waiting and getting it over time. Present value is what that $20 million jackpot is worth today.

If you have questions about the value of your Long Term Disability case, contact ERISA disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, who handles ERISA Long Term Disability claims in the Southeastern United States including Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

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