Your Long Term Disability carrier’s selective review of your medical evidence Cherry picking your medical records on your Florida denied disability benefits

Nancy Cavey, Long Term Disability denied attorney, often finds that Long Term Disability carriers have “cherry picked” medical records in justifying its claim’s denial. The claim’s administrator often doesn’t accurately and completely summarize your medical evidence but rather includes only portions of the medical records that supports their claim’s denial.

The 11th Circuit, which deals with Long Term Disability claims in Florida, Georgia and Alabama has recognized that the failure to renew relevant medical evidence in support of a claim is arbitrary and capricious and could be grounds for a claims reversal. Oliver v. Coca Cola Company, 497f3d.1181, 1199 (11th Circuit 2007).

If your medical records have been cherry picked and your Long Term Disability claim denied in Florida | St. Petersburg, contact Long Term Disability claim denial attorney, Nancy Cavey.

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